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there are indeed plans for upcoming articles, most of them coming during breaks from studying. so here is a list of possible upcoming articles. (not in any particular order)

  • the patriot act’s problems and how to fix them
  • constitutional interpretations and the checks on the supreme court.
  • the importance of convincement in a free culture and the constant battle for it.
  • we need a new word to describe LGBT argumentation, a new definition.
  • how is the Syrian conflict to be solved? can it even be solved?
  • argumentation>indoctrination
  • fixing the race relations in America by demonstrating truth to the masses.

Some Crazy Things That BLM Believes are Good Ideas

The issue of racism has once again filled our TV screens and social media platforms with 49ers’ quarter back Collin Kaepernick’s decision not to stand for our national anthem. This is only the most recent in the string of American celebrities coming out against our nation claiming it to be: racist, bigoted, and rigged against minorities. Thus another round of political sparring over racism and the group known as “Black Lives Matter” has begun.


Collin Kaepernick, when asked to explain why he stayed seated, said he was “Standing up for those being oppressed” and “This country stands for liberty freedom and justice for all and it’s not happening for all right now”.

This is a classic example of celebrities and the media misidentifying Black Lives Matter. BLM does not hold the belief that this country was built on “freedom, liberty, and justice for all” but believes that the very framework of our country was built on racism, that all whites are racist, and that creating a form of statist Government by blacks for blacks only is the only way to fix it. This is only the beginning of the misconceptions that many hold of black lives matter.

Recently Black lives matter released a list of their “demands” that hold some of the most radical policy positions of our time in addition to many political stances that have nothing to do with black lives at all.


This organization has listed 6 main demands:
1. End the “war on black people.”
2. “Reparations”
3. “Invest-divest”
4. “Economic Injustice”
5. “Community Control”
6. “Political power”

The focus of this article will be on only a few specific policy changes they have mentioned. It is important to note that this is not a complete list of all of their demands but merely a brief commentary on key factors.
To begin with, they call for the “Reparations for oppression of education in the form of full and free access for all Black people (including undocumented and currently and formerly incarcerated people) to lifetime education”.

First off, whether you agree or disagree with “free college for all” doesn’t matter. As previously stated, this only applies to black people. And whether you agree with that or not this also, as previously stated, includes CURRENTLY INCARCERATED CRIMINALS. They give no limitation to this. therefore, this includes murderers, child molesters, and rapists.

Still enjoy the idea Collin Kaepernick? Nevertheless, even if you agree with all of that it will still cost nearly 900 billion each year. That is more than our entire military budget and that number only includes college; this “right” includes lifetime education.  However, let us pretend we do consider education a right or even just reparation of white oppression.


They also claim the right to: healthcare, guaranteed minimum livable income (with no requirement to work), a $2 to $4 trillion policy that would both create a right to restored land, and a right to housing, clean air, and clean water.

To say that these proposals are not communism is to deny the very definition of the word. yet, as an American, you a have right to believe in communism. If I am going to accept your opinion or vote affirmative on your policy issues, you must first be honest to those who will be affected by these changes.  communism has never worked and every country that has attempted communism has either failed, is failing, or is a dictatorship that gets to dictate how many children you may have.
In addition to the complete control of all of our nation’s income, Black Lives Matter also wishes to abolish prisons as we know them. They specifically say “Until we achieve a world where cages are no longer used against our people we demand an immediate change in conditions and an end to public jails, detention centers, youth facilities and prisons as we know them”.  This includes all of the rapists, murderers, child molesters, and sex traffickers.

Best case scenario even if; all of our founding fathers were racist, and our government has systematically and intentionally targeted black people simply for their race, you cannot deny the premise that some of these “oppressed” African-Americans have committed disgusting acts and deserve to be in prison.
As if many of these already had nothing to do with black lives or racism, there are many more that are blatantly separate from anything related to these issues such as: Climate change, immigration reform, cut in military spending, organized labor, and the Restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act.  Black Lives Matter also wants to put an end to: the trans-pacific partnership, government surveillance, super-pacs, use of fossil fuels, and voter registration laws.

None of those issues have anything to do with racism or black lives. To get more specific on just a few of these issues, they believe not only should all drugs AND prostitution be made legal, that we should give housing, jobs, and other social spending to people who have committed these crimes.

In addition to this, they also hold the position of Edward Snowden that we should end all government surveillance on the US(I am personally in favor of this).

However, they are in stark contrast with the rest of the anti-racism movement in their opposition to body cameras for police officers. There is no doubt that there has been fierce debate over police brutality that all could have been solved had we had first hand video of the incident. Black Lives Matter was even founded on the case of Michael Brown which could have been solved using a body camera. there was fierce debate over whether Mr. Brown had his hands up or down. Based on the comprehensive list of demands that Black Lives Matter has offered, they still would be against former officer Darren Wilson having a camera on him when this incident took place.
To put matters plainly, this is not a rant, or a condemning of those who agree with black lives matter of believing any of the issues I have listed. The purpose of this article was to show what Black Lives Matter really stands for, using their own words and resources.

As this organization has plainly pointed out, they believe in the complete redistribution of wealth to one group of people, the release of all currently incarcerated black prisoners, and to provide current prisoners with lifetime education. In addition to this there are numerous issues and beliefs they hold that are in no way related to black lives or racism.

Since their inception three years ago, Black Lives Matter has grown into a tool used by the left to push their Marxist agenda and not a movement to eradicate racism and reform a tyrannical society.

These men and women are now bent on creating that which they are fighting by; empowering the very system they despise to take over the means of production, create a society dependent on the government for every need, and to enact further control over their communities.

The Side Effects of Raising the Minimum Wage

The whole idea behind raising the minimum wage is to give minimum wage workers enough money to live off of. The proponents of it say that raising the minimum wage is the moral thing to do to stop so much poverty.

Unfortunately, the minimum wage has some nasty side effects. I will let you be the judge of the minimum wage after we explain them.


before we get into this, we have to understand the employer-employee relationship. employers ask employees to do work for them for a price. al work or labor has a price, an employer might pay an employee who takes out the trash less than an employee that cooks in the kitchen. why? because anyone can take out the trash, but few can cook well. as you can see, the price of labor is higher the more valuable the work is.

The minimum wage makes it illegal to pay less for less valuable work. One might be willing to work for $10 an hour but cannot because it is illegal to do so if the minimum wage is set above $10.

Second, we need to understand how businesses stay successful. Businesses are successful when they can please the most amount of people with their goods or services and gain profit for it. Every business HAS TO receive profit in order to continue being successful. So when you raise the minimum wage, employers absolutely have to do something to compensate for it in order to afford to pay their employees and still stay successful.


This compensation comes in five forms.


  1. Employers raise prices of their goods and services, resulting in more expensive items  not only for the average consumer, but the employees themselves have to pay A LOT more money to buy food and such because of this. (example here)


  1. Workers are forced to work fewer hours to compensate for the additional money they are paid per hour. This harms employees a ton because the employer cannot afford to pay all of the employees for how many hours worked.(example here)  although the employees would rather work longer and recieve receive less per hour but more money overall, they aren’t allowed to.


  1. Workers who cannot be afforded will be fired. you might be willing to work for $10 instead of $15 but you will be left without a job because your employer can’t afford to keep you and everyone else on the team if you are recieving $15 an hour.(example here) So you end up unable to afford anything because you have no job.


  1. Standards for hiring people rise, and employers are forced to hire less people. Business can’t afford to hire as many new people because it is more expensive to do so. Not only that, but if you are to be hired, you must be extremely productive and experienced. Because of this, those who are trying to get a job but have no experience, such as a high school student graduating and starting a job to pay for college, will find it extremely difficult to find a job because they don’t have previous experience. (example here)


  1. Employers have to make workers more productive to balance out their work. So when coupled with Number 2, you have a worker who has to work less hours but has to work harder to compensate for the hours he/she cannot work. Also, the worker has to compensate for the lost profits from being paid more by working harder.

“Employers may be able to absorb some of the costs of a wage increase through higher productivity, lower recruiting and training costs, decreased absenteeism, and increased worker morale. “

– The Economic Policy Institute


So by the end of it you have fewer people working. those who are working are overworked and  less hours. Those who are out of a job also find it much harder to actually get a job. And finally, everyone including the employees themselves, have to pay more for goods and services, more for food, gas, air conditioning, and housing.


So what do you think of raising the minimum wage? You still think that it is a good idea after seeing the side effects? Answer in the comments down below!